Bill Foley was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio.  As a teenager, he first started playing the drums in the South High School Marching Band. He would also spend hours practicing on a drum set in the basement of his house playing along to oldies records. It wouldn’t take long before Bill’s mom would open the basement door to tell him “You’ve practiced long enough today, honey!”  While in a high school play, he discovered the acoustic guitar. Much to Bill's mom's relief, this became his instrument of choice!  Bill plays by ear and is completely self taught.
Bill also attended the Fort Hayes Center for Performing Arts and dreamed of becoming an actor. His mentor at Fort Hayes,
Dr. Phil Wilson, helped direct Bill into a career of music. Bill often thanks Dr. Wilson for his insight and nurturing.
Bill’s parents thought he needed a “regular job.” So, for a few years, he worked as a paramedic for the Columbus Division of Fire and EMS. This gave him time to gain experience performing on his days off.
After a few years, Bill quit his job as a paramedic and became a full time musician, which he continues today!
If you asked Bill about his experience as a musician, he would tell you it isn’t a job – he loves what he does that much! Of course, don’t be mistaken. He takes music very seriously. His entire song list is memorized. He never uses sheet music, won’t change song lyrics “dirty” and always strives to provide an enjoyable and entertaining experience for each and every audience.
Bill travels nationally (with even a few international trips.) He performs nightly (except Monday, which is date night with his wife.) Check out the video samples to hear for yourself!
In his spare time, which is often rare, Bill enjoys studying the American Civil War and sharing this love with others. Bill travels the country presenting a look into the life of a Civil War soldier.  Wearing an authentic Civil War soldier uniform, Bill seeks to bring history to life.  An extensive display enhances the presentation.  With reproductions, attendees are able to have a hands on experience.  In addition, Bill's wife, Cresha, often co-presents to expand on the life of women and children during this time period.  Visit

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Dan Clark plays the bass and sings backing vocals.  Dan played with Bill on and off, until joining Bill regularly in 2004.  Dan plays with other groups, such as The Time Between and Gayla Smith.  He has a beautiful voice that compliments his great bass playing.  In fact, if you have never heard Dan play lead bass on a song, you are missing out.  It doesn't happen on every song, but it is something to hear!

One thing I always do before a show?  I make sure everything is plugged into the right place and that my instrument is in tune.  That may sound rather mundane, but it helps avoid unpleasant surprises!  I don't have any compulsive pre-show rituals that I know of, other than snapping my fingers three times and blinking each eye twice ;)

What is my favorite song that the Bill Foley Band performs?  It's a tie between "Please Come to Boston" and "Danny's Song" because Bill sings them both so well and the chord structure in both songs is a little more complex than a lot of songs, making them more interesting and challenging to play.

What is something people may not know about me?  People are sometimes surprised to know that I am a classical cello player who plays in orchestras and string quartets and other classical venues.  By the same token, a lot of the people I perform with in those situations are surprised to know I play bass and sing back-up vocals in an oldies band!  I think of it as having the best of both worlds!
My favorite place the band has performed? One of the more memorable places the band performed was the converted train station (Union Station) in Indianapolis that was decorated impeccable and had a high, curved art deco ceiling that not only looked exquisite, but helped the band sound amazing.  We played a wedding reception there and arrived in enough time that we were able to walk around downtown Indianapolis and visit the Civil War museum at the base of the big memorial in the town square.
Birthday: June 5...Gemini - the split personality twins!  No you're not.  Yes I am.  No you're not.  Yes I am.  No you're not.  Yes I am.  No you're not.  Yes I am  No you're not.  Yes I am.  No you're not.  Yes I am.  No you're not.  Yes I am.  No you're not.  Yes I am.  No you're not.  Yes I am.

Denny Place is an experienced drummer with a heart of gold.  Formally with Moving Violations, Denny cut his teeth on the music of the 50s, 60s and 70s.  As a cancer and stroke survivor, he brings a pure joy of life to his drumming.  His heart and soul can be felt in each and every song.  Denny is not only a great guy, but also a great drummer and singer!

What is your best experience with The Bill Foley Band?  This year's Red, White and Boom. Not only was the setting awesome, but the music was amazing! For me, music is all about Emotion. I always hope the audience can feel the soul we put into the songs we play. For example: "Cool Change"- That song moved us, Bill especially. We can only hope you all enjoy us playing as much as we enjoy it ourselves!

What is one thing you always do before a show?  Well, it sounds odd...but I Eat!! There is nothing worse than getting to the gig site feeling hungry!!!

Favorite Song The Band Performs?  No doubt about this one! For me, it's Sam Cooke, "Bring It On Home." I find it hard to say something about this song that hasn't been said already! I feel it's one of Bill's BEST songs! We play this song so well!! And Bill does this song justice vocally!!

What Is A Something People May Not Know About You?  Every time I play out with the band, I hope my Ma is listening! I know she is!!

Favorite Place The Band Has Performed?  Hands Down...Berea, Kentucky. It was the first time for me with the Bill Foley Band (which was special for me in and of itself) But the setting to me was just incredible! Above all that, in attendance was Geena Davis!! THE Geena Davis!!

Pete Cary is the newest member to join Bill regularly, performing on electric guitar and singing backing vocals.  A professional musician for 37 years, Pete Cary is a "guitarist's guitarist" who has done it all.  Classical, flamenco, blues, rock, country - it's all there.  Pete comes from a musical family and was formally trained in theory and composition at OSU School of Music, where he performed as part of the OSU Jazz Ensemble.  Pete also performs with the flamenco group "Flamenco del Corazon" and pop groups Sirens and the Fretshop Band on both guitar and bass.

Best experience with the Bill Foley Band?  Playing in Indianapolis at the Skyline Club at OneAmerica Building (on the 36th floor overlooking the city). 

One thing I always do before a show?  Tune my guitar!  (And this is one of the things we love about Pete!  Some electric guitar players are content to only tune once...when they first buy the guitar.  But, not Pete!)

What is my favorite song that the Bill Foley Band performs?  Whatever new one Bill drags out for that night. I like to be surprised!

What is something people may not know about me?  I'm shy.

Favorite place the band has performed?  Indianapolis at the Skyline Club at OneAmerica Building.

Birthday:  9/3/56 - I don't mind sharing my age, I came by every one of those years honestly!  (This makes Pete a Virgo, if anyone is interested!)


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