Here are a list of Frequently Asked Questions.  Please do not hesitate to contact Bill with any additional questions you may have.

Q. Do you provide your own sound?
A. Yes, Bill uses a state of the art Carvin sound system. He has many configurations to adjust to any size space and audience.   Bill has a back up for everything and, in some cases, back ups for the back up. This won’t come to a surprise to those that know Bill.
Q. How many performers are included?
A. Bill is available as a solo, trio or 4 piece band. For larger events, he can add other pieces, though this is not normally needed.
Q.  What is the instrumentation?
A.  That depends.  Since Bill offers three packages, you have the option.  If you book Bill alone, it would be Bill singing and playing the acoustic guitar.  If you book the Trio, the group includes Bill on the acoustic guitar with a bass player and drummer.  The Four Piece Band includes the same instruments as the Trio, but with the addition of an electric guitar player.  Remember, regardless of the instrumentation, everyone sings.  For private functions, CDs can also be provided during breaks for continuous music.
Q. Do you play the same set list?
A. Absolutely not! Bill caters his performance to each audience and their reaction to songs. This is impossible to determine prior to an event and allows him to easily adjust at any performance. Each show is unique.
Q. Do I need to hire a DJ during breaks at my wedding reception or corporate event?
A. No, Bill brings thousands of songs with him to play during breaks. There is no need to hire a DJ separately.

Q. Won’t you be too loud for our cocktail hour or dinner?
A. No need to worry about this one! Because Bill plays in restaurants, he knows how to alter the sound so as not to be too loud. Bill isn’t about volume; he is about clarity. 
Q. How far will you travel?
A. We travel extensively.  We have been to Maine to San Diego, CA to Bend, OR to Key West, FL.  We have even performed out of the country.
Q. For my wedding reception, do you play during dinner?
A. Typically, yes...particularly when it is in the same room as the dancing portion of the evening.  This allows us to layer your formalities (welcome or blessing, toasts and formality dances.)  It allows for a nice flow to the evening and helps to keep things moving while having your guests engaged.
Q. What attire do you wear?
A. It depends on the style of your event. Bill and the band can wear black and white tuxedos or dress in casual attire or anything in between.

Q. Can you emcee my event?
A. Yes. Bill emcees most wedding receptions. He can also make any announcements as needed.
Q. Do you provide a toast microphone?
A. Yes. However, Bill has stopped using wireless microphones due to their unreliability and there isn't the same clarity.  However, he does provide a standard microphone for toasts.  Your guests won't miss a single word of the toasts!
Q. Can you help me with the schedule of formalities at my event?
A. We provide you with a sample itinerary, based on our experience, to help you with your planning. While we have found this format to work extremely well, you are more than welcome to make changes to fit your needs. 
Q. How do I obtain a quote for my event?
A. Please fill out the contact form. The more information you provide, the easier it is to give you a quote. Please provide the following: date of event, type of event, location of event and time of event. A quote for Bill Foley as a soloist, trio and 4 piece band will be provided for you review.

Q. Do you charge travel expenses?
A. Typically, there is no travel charge. Understanding the budgeting process, it is easier for folks to pay a flat rate.
Q. Do I need to provide a contract?
A. No, two copies of a contract will be sent to you to sign. One will be returned and you will keep the other. A contract provides coverage for both of us. Since we are a professional band, you will not need to worry about whether we will “show up.” 

Q. How far in advance do I need to book your services?
A. Depends. Active booking is always occurring. Summer dates, holidays and December are traditionally booked far in advance – sometimes even more than a year before the date. However, it seems some months are more popular than others each year. The best advice is to contact Bill as early as possible, but don’t hesitate to contact him for last minute events, either. You just never know if YOUR date has been booked!         

Q.  I was thinking of just using an IPod...
A.  IPods are great when you are working out, cleaning the house, traveling or in the car.  However, when you are investing in an important event, your entertainment does so much more than an IPod or someone acting as a human "jukebox."  You don't have to believe me.  Check out this video on You Tube to learn from this couple.  Don't forget, all of our packages give you an emcee, someone to coordinate with the other vendors and live and recorded music!  Don't compromise on a worry free evening.


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