Are you looking for experienced, yet affordable entertainment for your wedding reception?  How does entertainment with experience at more than 700 wedding receptions sound?

Bill Foley offers three packages to meet everyone's needs and set the right tone for your event, with a lot of fun!

Having a smaller reception?  Can't decide between live music and a DJ?  No need to choose!  Here is the solution for you!  Bill Foley is available as a solo guitarist and singer.  He can play soft background music for the cocktail/dinner set.  He will emcee all of your formalities, working with the other vendors for a worry free event.  Then, he will kick in classic dance music, mixing live music and CD music.  He provides a state-of-the-art sound system.

Mid-size reception or not enough room for a band?  A great suggestion would be the Bill Foley Trio.  With the Trio package, you still get Bill Foley upfront singing and playing the guitar.  However, added to this, you will have an electric bass and drummer with backing vocals.  The Trio can play a soft dinner set and kick in the classic dance music following your formalities.  As with the solo package, Bill will emcee your formalities, working with the other vendors for a worry free evening.  The Trio typically plays 45 minute sets with 15 minute breaks and provides CDs during breaks for continuous music, all on a state-of-the-art sound system.

Looking for a band?  The Bill Foley Band is available for your reception!  Just as with the Bill Foley Trio, you will get Bill on the acoustic guitar, an electric bass player, drummer and the addition of an electric guitar player - all with backing vocals.  Of course, the band can still play a soft dinner set and then play dance music following your formalities.  Bill will emcee your formalities and ensure you have a worry free evening.  Just as with the Trio, the Band plays 45 minute sets with 15 minute breaks.  CDs are provided during the breaks on a state-of-the-art sound system.

How many hours do I need?  Typically, wedding receptions last three to four hours.  Contracting your event for four hours could save you money.  If you need Bill (or the Trio or Four Piece Band) longer, the option for additional time can be included on your contract.  This could save you money if you end up not needing the additional time. 

Set List - Whether it is Bill alone, the Bill Foley Trio or the Bill Foley Band, Bill never has a set song list.  Instead, Bill picks songs based on the reaction of your guests.  Read his testimonials from clients who speak to this issue.

However, if you need help picking the right formality song, just ask Bill.  You can not only pick from his song list, but you can use a CD song (He has everything from Mozart to Motown!)

Sample Itinerary - Once you book Bill, the Trio or the Four Piece Band, we will provide a questionnaire and sample itinerary.  The questionnaire helps us better understand the details of your event and identify discussion items.  Usually, these can be quickly addressed by email.  In addition, we provide a sample reception itinerary.  While you are more than welcome to make changes, the sample is based on our experience.  This should give you a great start to your reception planning!

Wedding Ceremony Music - Bill has performed at many weddings, also.  In some cases, Bill may be available to provide ceremony music, as well.


Testimonials - Want to read comments from other clients?  Check out the testimonial page.

Contact us now to book a customized package for your wedding/wedding reception!  To book Bill, call 614-444-1333 in the Columbus area.  You can also call 1-888-44FOLEY (888-443-6539) or fill out the Contact Us form.  Please include the date of your event with time and location (at least the city.) 

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